Company: Laser Scanning Architecture (architecture)

The company Laser Scanning Architecture applied a laser scanner FARO 3D for the three-dimensional capture of a historical industrial building. Then, the generated 3D data was analyzed and interpreted with AutoCAD Architecture and PointCab. Using the software FARO Scene, the scan data was analyzed in image mode as well as in pixel mode. In the model, analysis and geometrical measurement were realized in colorful panoramic scenes. Various perspectives were possible and individual parts of the model could be hidden.

Employing the software PointCab, a 2D analysis was realized in AutoCAD Architecture. With PointCab, orthographic 2D images of the building were generated at arbitrary positions in the data model.


  • orthographic 2D images of the building 
  • arbitrary positions in the scan
  • building captured in detail: cornice, brick formats etc. 
  • highly accurate dimensioning 
  • basis for efficient reconstruction planning 
  • overdrawing of component edges

Why PointCab?

    • PointCab results can be used in various CAD systems (e. g. Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp)
    • PointCab results could be used to create plans, heights, sectional views and 3D BIM
    • Images could be extracted from the point cloud within a few days
    • The customer can use the information quickly (due to WebExport function)

Fast point cloud analysis with Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture and PointCab.

Laser Scanning Architecture