Surveying work no longer has to be carried using exclusively Theodolit or Totalstation.

Modern and fasters technology such as laser scanners, mobile mapping systems or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs / drones) is used to survey larger areas with the same accuracy in a shorter time.

The exact calculation of surface area in the case of slanted or crooked boundaries is no longer an issue.

PointCab can be used to generate highly detailed orthofotos with great accuracy from the data recorded by a laser scanner or any other system.


  • Documentation and administration of real estate, property, and supply networks on the basis of geographically related spatial data
  • Uniform basis of data regarding use of land, water, energy, and communications


  • leer
    Combination of point clouds from different input systems

  • leer
    Rapid registration of terrestrial point clouds and georeferencing with optimized equalization process

  • leer
    Efficient and low-cost evaluation and plan creation

  • leer
    Supports easy collaboration with architects and planners


PointCab Suite

PointCab Suite is the entry-level solution for the efficient processing of point clouds to create detailed 2D ground plans and façade views.

With the practical functions for measurement, the simple web export, and the alignment tools, getting started is child’s play.

If required, modules can be added to adapt the functionality of the software to your specific requirements.

PointCab 3DPro

PointCab 3DPro provides the full range of functions. With these tools, the extraction of the most important information from large point clouds has never been so simple.

Whether 2D or 3D functionality is used, PointCab enables an optimized workflow from the point cloud to the plan or 3D model.

It goes without saying that the registration of terrestrial scans, georeferencing, and the combination of different point cloud data are included.

Our software provides the right solution for every use case and area of application: with the optional modules available, you configure the software according to your needs.

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