Art Graphique et Patrimoine: Digital recording and documentation of cultural heritage

Art Graphique & Patrimoine was founded in 1994 out of a passion for sculpture and heritage conservation.

Since then, AGP has managed many different projects, based on traditional expertise as well as progressive innovation, and has collected over the years more than 1500 prestigious references in France and abroad.

Today, AGP is one of France’s leading providers of digital technologies for the capture and preservation of cultural heritage.

Use of PointCab software

AGP used PointCab to generate exact orthophotos from the extensive scan data of the buildings.

You can find examples in the video of Art Graphique et Patrimoine.


  • generate detailed orthophotos, independent of the laser scanner data formats
  • fastest processing of very large and extensive point clouds
  • all details are precisely captured and mapped
  • reliable basis for restorations and new components

Why PointCab?

  • PointCab results can be used in different CAD systems (e.g. Revit, AutoCAD, and many others)
  • Information can be quickly made available to all project participants (thanks to the WebExport tool)