Company: Pastorelli SA (surveying and photogrammetry)

In a project of Pastorelli SA, an old house in a village center in the canton Ticino in Switzerland had to be surveyed in order to create detailed plans of the building. As a result of the project, the documentation should be used in the software ArchiCAD for renovations plans.

Since there are no up-to-date and reliable plans of the building, a modern measurement method had been applied: 3D laser scanning. The engineering office Pastorelli SA based in Lugano (Italian Switzerland) used a laser scanner FARO Photon 120 to scan three facades and the four floors of the house. The scanner had been sited indoors in order to scan the basement, the roof and the two floors in between; it had been situated outdoors to capture the facades. The generated scans have been registered with the software FARO Scene. The point clouds have been merged to get a large point cloud including all measurement points of the object.

By means of the laser scanning software PointCab, four floor plans, three façade plans and 20 arbitrary sections could be extracted automatically. On the whole, data processing took just about eight hours. The ortho photos could be exported for being used in different CAD systems.

Since the customer of Pastorelli SA wants to accomplish the renovation planning in the software ArchiCAD, PointCab has been the excellent solution for processing the data. The gained data of the old house could be delivered by using an USB flash drive.


  • laser scanner: FARO Photon 120
  • scanning of 4 floors and 3 facades
  • result: a total of 29 scans within 6 hours (3 employees)
  • scan registration with FARO Scene
  • extractions with PointCab (floor plans, façade plans, sections)
  • time for data processing: 8 hours
  • goal: renovation planning in ArchiCAD

Why PointCab?

  • automated generation of plans
  • creation of arbitrary sectional views
  • rapid data processing
  • data can be used in CAD system ArchiCAD



Point clouds are for engineers, plans are for architects, pointcab is the fastest connection between them.

Pastorelli SA - Ing. Marzio Righitto