Company: Intercem Engineering GmbH (plant construction)

In the course of an extensive project of Intercem Engineering GmbH, a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for cement industry, 3D laser scanning technology has been applied to accomplish the survey.

The project was composed of comprehensive tasks: a conversion of an existing filter on a concrete building on the one hand, and the integration of a new cyclone with filter system in the existing concrete structure of a heat exchanger on the other hand.

For planning the conversion and integration, a complete and highly accurate as built documentation was required. In order to avoid complex extra work, 3D laser scanning has been used for registration of the areas concerned. The method has proven to be fast, efficient and reliable. Due to the precisely accurate capture, even areas which are difficult to access could be documented in detail.

Due to laser scanning, realistic replicas of the scanned objects have been created. They presented an ideal basis for planning the precisely fitting prefabrication; they thus reduced the expenses for the conversion and integration.


  • laser scanning for conversion of an existing filter and for integration of a new cyclone with filter system
  • laser scanner from FARO
  • 7 scans for the conversion of the filter system and 10 scans of the heat exchanger
  • imaging of scan results as point cloud in FARO Scene
  • merging of point clouds and generation of layout plans
  • modelling of CAD data in Inventor

Why PointCab?

  • visually define desired sections in the layout plan
  • load and model CAD data in Inventor without any problems
  • ideal basis for planning

Use FARO laser scanner data as layout plan in Inventor due to PointCab.

Intercem Engineering GmbH