FARO – Quality for over 30 years

Precision and reliability

Anyone who dives into the world of laser scanning quickly stumbles upon the name FARO. It’s no wonder. As the world’s leading supplier of 3D measuring and imaging technology, FARO has established itself as the first stop for terrestrial laser scanning in particular. In terrestrial laser scanning, the scanners are set up stationary at several points and later merged into a coherent point cloud by registration. The registration can be done by single points, planes, checkerboard targets or spheres. The Focus series is characterized by its high accuracy and diverse fields of application. Whether for bridge construction, monument protection or even forensics, the FARO Focus series is ideal wherever precise results are required. 

FARO + PointCab

Thanks to the good compatibility of PointCab, working with FARO  data in PointCab is a piece of cake. With the PointCab registration, the scans can be imported and registered directly in PointCab. Merging FARO data with data from other scanners is also not a problem with our advanced importer. But even those who use the FARO-Scene software, specially developed by FARO for the registration of their FARO-data, are well advised using PointCab. Of course you’re able to process already registered FARO-projects in the PointCab software as usual. With just a few clicks, you get CAD-ready layouts, sections, measurements, vector lines and more. With our Plugins, Revit and ArchiCAD users are even able to transfer their data directly into their CAD.