Layout and Section

  • Architecture & heritage – Building plans, floor plans, cutting checks, ceiling fresco, facade plans, in-room documentation, staircase sections, structure sections, building sections
  • Surveying & construction – Site plans, as-completed plans, layouts, terrain layouts, roof cadaster, pit sections, digital terrain models, tunnel sections, cross-section, road profiles
  • Engineering – Plant layout plan, piping documentation, furnishings and machinery plans, sections of production facilities, production halls and factory buildings, facade survey, piping documentation, sections for static analysis
  • Forensics – Prerequisite for simulations, trajectory analysis, accident documentation and much more

You will learn how it works in our step-by-step instructions.


A layout or section is worth a million points

Again and again, you can observe that the user is overwhelmed upon first sight of the point cloud. However, after only a few minutes, disillusionment sets in and usually the following question comes along:

How can I analyze these millions of scanned points cost-effectively?

Already after your point cloud has been imported in PointCab, our layout tool creates a top view of your entire point cloud project. With this top view, you receive an already automatically created site plan or terrain map. If you need a floor plan or a building layout, you can easily define a clipping box over the desired area of the point cloud by means of the Layout module. Arrangement drawings, piping plans or reflected ceiling plans are created in a trice, too. You to choose detailing, resolution and color by means of the Layout options.

Up to 1.000 times smaller results

Let’s consider our sample project with 41 scan positions and a raw data volume of compressed 3.8 GB. Do you really need to import this huge amount of data in your CAD software to create a simple sectional view? Try it out and stop the time that you need.

With PointCab, you create your plan for a typical laser scanner position in less than 30 seconds. PointCab analyzes each individual measurement point of your point cloud without subsampling or other technical tricks. Reliable processing – point by point – are expressed in an impressive view or section (result). In the above case, the amount of data for a floor plan reduced to 3 MB!

A raster image as result?

Our customers ask us again and again: But it is still just a raster image? Right and where is the problem?

You have a result that you can easily interpret compared to the confused look at a point cloud. Furthermore, your result is x times smaller and has been created within a few minutes. Place your drawing frame and the result will be ready.

But my customers wants a line plan

Does your customer want a line plan? No problem! With PointCab Vectorizer and Profiler, you create the desired lines with a few clicks.

However, don’t forget to invoice your customer for drawings. Drawing of plans has always been a work performance that you have to perform and that your customer should appreciate, too. This has not changed even with the laser scanning.

Layouts in the correct position and with the correct coordinates for direct re-use in your CAD system

All layouts are exported with the correct coordinates and in the correct position in DWG, DXF or DAE format and appear in the right place in your CAD system. Results, that are immediately usable, instead of annoying subsequent works and adjustments. Work in 2D; then, you can transform your layouts in the XY plane via the options Planar and Planar & Origin. Thus, you can easily image several layouts side by side.

Advanced settings for advanced projects

Simply edit your layouts and sections due to advanced settings.

  • Define layouts and sections by means of coordinates
  • Define the quality of the result
  • Define color and transparency settings
  • Define the needed scan positions
  • Define CAD specific settings
  • Define export format, name and file path
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