You use the mesh function to generate triangular-meshed digital terrain models (DTMs) very quickly, even from very large point clouds, from mobile laser scanning systems and drone data.

These can be exported in various formats and used in the CAD system, for example, as the basis for creating contour lines and flooding analysis.

You will learn how it works in our step-by-step instructions.


Easily create 3D-models

Easily create 3D models from your point cloud in three simple steps. See some example workflows in our Mesh Module tutorials.

  1. Activate Mesh function
  2. Define area
  3. Create mesh


Previous results as a basis

Limit your point cloud to the relevant area and use previously created working steps, such as sections or layouts, to extract 3D models out of your point cloud.

Easily rebuild building structures in 3D

Rebuild building structures and whole objects with PointCab Mesh. For instance, you can extract facades and roof sides and check their mapping directly in PointCab 3D-View.

Correctly positioned 3D models for the use in your CAD system

All meshes are exported with their correct coordinates and position in DWG, DXF and DAE format; thus, they appear in the right place in your CAD system. No unnecessary rework but results that are ready for use.

Create results with context easily and quickly

Create results that keep the original context and combine the intelligence of the different PointCab Modules such as Mesh and Layout.

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