It has never been so easy to determine the volume of excavation pits or piles of rubble.

With a few measurements and settings, you can also determine volume changes over time or the complex volumes of tank systems for liquids.

The log that is generated is compatible with the German REB 22013 standard for building accounts.

You will learn how it works in our step-by-step instructions.


Easily calculate and protocol volumes

With the PointCab Volume Module, you can create volumes calculations of your point cloud and output PDF protocols in three easy steps. You find some examples among the  Volume Module tutorials.

  1. Activate Volume tool
  2. Define an area – visually or via coordinates
  3. Calculate volume


Comprehensive documentation compliant to REB 22013

Play safe and stick to the EU-wide established standards of calculating volumes. The result of the volume calculation is documented in a PDF protocol according to REB 22013 and makes sure that your results are reliable.

Edit calculations until you get them right.

Just as with all other PointCab modules, you can edit every Volume Job to adjust the calculation area precisely or to use filters, for instance.

Isolate the important area of your point cloud through layouts or sections in order to narrow the results down to what you need.

Buy Volume module

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