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Heritage, Studying Architecture,
3D Modeling, 2D-plans

Within the education of students, the education success benefits from fast and valid work results. Normally, the analyses of terrestrial laser scanning are extremely time-consuming and complex; thus, they are often demotivating in the student education.

In this case, PointCab provides a great solution that provides substantiated results that are quickly created and understandable. Thus, students achieve the desired success.

Although traditional surveying is not the key issue in the course Geo-information & Municipal Technology at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, capturing geodata and terrestrial laser scanning are an important aspect for future work of graduates.

We use FARO scanners and laser scanning especially in the scope of projects and final papers. Subjects of scanning are historic objects, such as monuments, as well as buildings and structures in interior and exterior areas. We are targeting the creation of models and traditional plans.

Bachelor:, Master:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd KehneFrankfurt University of Applied Sciences,

Plant design

We use PointCab for layout planning of halls and plants. We use it to create 2D ortho photos of point clouds which are used for 3D modeling in Autodesk Inventor. Our customers want to get ortho photos, which are true to scale, of layouts and profiles of their scanned properties.

PointCab allows us to combine scan data and CAD data.

In case of playout planning, the advantage is to fit new plants into the existing room – taking account of the existing interfering contours – based on ortho photos and to present the result as 2D or 3D layout.

Contours, which are difficult to detect in point clouds, can be identified and visualized more clearly in ortho photos.

After a short time, our customers get a realistic basis for planning without having to forgo the accuracy of a CAD model. Overall, they save time and costs.


Kai ApelSCHULER KONSTRUKTIONEN, Bad Hersfeld (Germany)

Surveying, Georefencial terrain and sections

Our field of work includes cadastral and engineering survey, 3D as-built documentation with laser scanners, camera drones as well as terrestrial measuring sensors and cameras.

We use PointCab for controlling and further processing of scanner data, point clouds arising from flights or terrestrial photos. The software is characterized by an excellent performance and an intuitive and user-friendly handling hand in hand with a variety of settings options for each type of 3D data.

Thanks to PointCab, we can offer our customers a comprehensive analysis of buildings or complex structures – “Computer-assisted tomography of buildings”. The results are rapidly available. The customer can work out the generated georeferenced bitmap sections himself or instruct us to do this job.

Since 2010, we work with 3D systems. Only due to PointCab, we could implement efficient and fast processing of data.

Dipl. Ing. Hans Jürgen SchweickartSurveyor’s office Schweickart & Vatter, Neustadt (Germany)

Architecture, monument preservation, plant engineering
Autodesk, Revit, Inventor

We always use PointCab for equalized colored ortho photos of views, for creation of 2D layouts and for any desired sectional views of the building. The projects range from single doorway arches via façade plans to complex industrial facilities.

We use FARO scanners and Autodesk Design suites as well as Revit, Inventor, 3ds Max and Navisworks.

For 2D derivations based on 3D scans, PointCab is indispensable since PointCab allows precise creation of layouts and sectional views at precisely defined positions. The imaging quality is excellent; thus, it is perfectly suited as background image for CAD vectorizations.

Apart from any desired 2D extractions from the 3D scan, our customers really like HTML based PointCab panoramas. The panoramas are compact and can easily be opened in the browser without software installation. This is a huge advantage for fast analysis of scanned objects.

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes RechenbachArchitect, Hanover (Germany)

Building equipment, plant engineering, conveying engineering
3D models, 2D plans, Autodesk, Bentley

Flag_SlovakiaOur company deals with point cloud processing, creation of 3D CAD models and 2D CAD documentations for technical facilities, building equipment, conveying technology etc. For these jobs, we usually use FARO scanners as well as Autodesk and Bentley CAD software.

With PointCab, we cannot only process point clouds from one laser scanner manufacturer, but the software supports all common point cloud formats. We use PointCab for creating 2D CAD documentations based on the point cloud; we create façade plans, layouts and sectional views.

In case of façade views, we like that we can easily generate colored ortho photos. We use them even for complex documentations of objects in the field of monument preservation, e.g. castles and churches.

In larger industrial projects, in which we shall create complete CAD documentations of halls, we use PointCab layouts even as a basis for project meetings.

In combination with HTML5 panoramas, PointCab is a perfect tool. Our customers don’t need any special software. The layouts can be saved as high-definition images and you only need a web browser for panoramas.

Frantisek JanicekiQservices, Zilinia (Slovakia)

Monument preservation, architecture
CAD documentation, MicroStation


Our fields of work cover nationwide planning focusing on house building and reconstruction as well as buildings for health service. Another important field is documentation of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, conservation and reconstruction in Afghanistan – We work at the projects Bamiyan, Ghulghula city, Dilkusha palace, Kuti Baghtcha.

In PointCab, we create layouts and sectional views with orthogonal views from 3D scan data and transfer them from PointCab to the CAD system.

We use Bentley MicroStation as CAD system.

Sekandar Ozod-Seradjseradj architects, Cologne (Germany) - Project:
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