Company: Niederrheinische Gas-Technik GmbH (power industries)

The Niederreihnische Gas-Technik GmbH (NieGaTec), situated in Moers, Germany, is a partner of the energy industry. The company provides a wide range of engineering services to service companies and suppliers of the energy industry, including municipal utilities and gas suppliers. As-built documentation is for planning and documentation purposes of plants and installations an indispensable feature. More often than not, this concerns gas suppliers, gas pressure regulator installations and gas pressure regulation and measurement installations.

In 2010, CEO Klaus Jäger acquired a laser scanner for the purpose of improving measurement tasks and visualizations. Having a laser scanner at their disposal, Klaus Jäger and his team are now in the position to easily scan and inspect pipe systems as never before. Shortly after the acquisition of the hardware, a decision had to be made on which software should be used to efficiently analyze and visualize measurements. 2D plans still remain the frame of reference in the field of service companies and public utilities. Position, direction and orientation of pipes are usually visualized by lines; movable parts, valves and other installations are represented by symbols. Consequently, the main goal of NieGaTec was to transform 3D representations into layouts and views; and this had to be achieved in a very limited time frame.

After extensive market research, NieGaTec’s experts opted for PointCab, which has been proved to fulfill all requirements of the gas industry, including an intuitive user interface and an accurate representation of layouts and views. Thanks to the PointCab plugin, the layouts obtained are easily imported into AutoCAD; finally, those are used by NieGaTec’s engineers to create models. The symbol libraries that have been created by NieGatec may also be used.

The interplay between laser scanning and PointCab enables NieGatec GmbH to provide fast and accurate measurements and surveys to its clients.


  • utilization of laser scan data for power industries
  • 2D plans as planning and working basis required in the field of service companies and public utilities
  • position, direction and orientation of pipes and other components are represented through lines and symbols
  • import of layouts in Autodesk AutoCAD


Why PointCab?

  • Intuitive user interface allows easy and fast processing of point clouds
  • Layouts meet the requirements of the industry
  • Completion of created symbol libraries through the generated layouts and views
  • Automatically created top views can be used with AutoCad



PointCab is a great software tool to create piping layouts out of our laser scanning projects.

Niederrheinische Gas-Technik GmbH