PointCab Share - Free Point Cloud Viewer

PointCab Share – The Free Point Cloud Viewer

With PointCab Share, our free point cloud viewer, it’s even easier now to share your PointCab results!

In PointCab Share, the recipients can simply open the project, view all created sections and floor plans, and even take some measurements themselves. Of course, there is also a 3D view point cloud view and panoramas can be shared as usual.

Simply download and start directly. No installation is necessary!

(If the download does not start automatically, please right-click on the download button and select “open link in new tab”)

Point Cloud Sample Data

Want to test our free point cloud viewer but don’t have a project at hand? Don’t worry! We have put together a sample project for you with which you can test all functions of PointCab Share. From panoramas to vector lines you will find all results that can be displayed with PointCab Share.

Free PointCab Trial Version

Test free point cloud viewer

Of course, you can also download our PointCab trial version directly. This way you can create your own PointCab project with your point cloud data and open it in our free point cloud viewer. The trial version is valid for 24 working hours and can import up to 3 projects. The timer will only expire if PointCab is running and in use.