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Since 10.02.2014, all 3DPro editions and PointCab rental offers include the modules Delta, Unfold and Vectorizer.

Over the last months, we got much feedback on PointCab 3.0. In general, our users are delighted with the almost 5 times quicker calculation times and the possibility to create non-stop one result after another.

However, voices were being raised that especially the 3D analysis features should be still developed.
Thus, we checked with which new features we can make daily working with point clouds easier for as many users as possible.

The result is our Vectorizer module.

Vectorized plans from the point cloud

The Vectorizer is based on the modules Layout and Section and converts the point cloud data, which is contained in the plans or orthophotos, into vector lines. The conversion is made either automatically or manually.

You simply select an area relevant for the vectorisation and let PointCab analyze the point cloud information and automatically create vector lines. Furthermore, vector lines can be created or revised manually in the aftermath or from the beginning for optimizing the lines, which have been defined automatically by PointCab.

In the Vectorizer product description or straight in the tutorial section on PointCab website, you can see how that looks like.

We stick to the familiar and well-proven operations of the most common CAD systems. Thus, there is no need for familiarization.

Vector lines are the basis of each CAD application. Based on the dimensionally correct results captured by the laser scanner, you can create whole plans – even of objects with large sruface. Thus, floor plans, layouts, cutting checks, sectional views and much more are no problem anymore.



Use of the results

The results can be saved in DWG, DXF or DAE format. Thus, they can be used easily in the most common CAD programs.



Vectorizer addresses to everyone who uses a traditional plan as a basis for planning instead of a point cloud. As with PointCab, the process is easy, fast and universal.
Just PointCab.

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