Bouwsupport (architecture)

The city – as a habitat and space for living – is undergoing a renaissance. People are looking for interesting properties. More often than not, old industrial buildings are renovated and turned into living areas. In this project, an old mustard factory was to be converted. The factory building with the shape of the letter U consists of several rooms over two floors. The rooms are filled with machines for production purposes and serve as storerooms and garages.

For highly-accurate as-built documentation, creating a digital model of the building was made necessary. The task was to quickly deliver views and layouts – in the form of CAD plans – to the planning office. As a consequence, and with respect to cost efficiency, the client opted for 3D laser scanning technology.

30 laser scans were carried out, which took half a day. The building’s entire structure was finally available as a three-dimensional model. PointCab software was used to create layouts and views. Layouts and views were imported into the office’s CAD system as well as used and dimensioned by the engineers, which took about 40 hours.


  • redevelopment of an existing old mustard factory
  • up to date as-built documentation or other information were not available
  • laser scanning of the site: 1/2 day; result: 30 scans
  • planning decisions (capital commitment) based upon real as-built documentations



Why PointCab?

  • data preparation, analysis, and processing with PointCab: just 2 hours
  • create layouts and sectional views
  • import of the layouts into the customer‘s CAD system
  • data basis for preplanning, design planning, and final planning
  • visualisation basis for creation of plans, outlines, and overviews



The scaled layouts and sections could be directly processed in our existing architecture software.