AAP Atelier für Architektur und Planung AG (architecture)

For the reconstruction of an old farmhouse in Wattenwil near Berne (Switzerland), AAP Atelier für Architektur und Planung AG performed the survey by 3D laser scanning as well as the analysis and interpretation by using the software PointCab.

Since the property had mostly been empty during the last years (because of high costs for maintenance), a reconstruction should be accomplished in order to be able to fully use the landmarked building as a home

As survey method, laser scanning was the perfect solution for obtaining precise plans as a basis for planning for restoration works. Due to the fast and accurate capture with a laser scanner, time and, thus, also expenses for restoration works have been reduced.

With the gained data, the effort and the material requirements for all refurbishment measures could be accurately determined since even the smallest deformations and irregularities could be precisely captured.


  • survey with laser scanner FARO Photon 120/20 on site within 2 days
  • documentation of supporting structure, facades, floor plans etc.
  • further use of laser scanner data in CAD system ARCHICAD
  • highly accurate results



Why PointCab?

  • read in the PointCab results in the CAD system ARCHICAD without problems
  • create layouts, sections and facade views immediately
  • easy handling and perfect features
  • very detailed results
  • short proceeding times


We could use FARO laser scanner data in ArchiCAD due to PointCab.

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