Engineering Company Kvejborg (food industry)

The Danish company Kvejborg is a Scandinavian planning office in the field of plant construction, which produces and designs machines, tools, and robot applications. Laser scanning technology is an integral part of the company’s philosophy and serves as the planning basis in the field of special machine engineering and other tasks. In a pilot project, two robot work stations of a bakery’s packaging station had to be measured in order to replace the existing robot tools—resulting in an optimal process. The measuring had to be performed during running production.

The production is organized in 3 shifts. It goes without saying that stopping production processes for an extended period of time was not an option due to loss of production (or rather high costs). Consequently, a modern and fast measurement method was needed. Operation of single robot cells was suspended for a short period of time; during that time, cakes and pastries were being manually stacked by the staff. The detailed acquisition of all scans of the interior by a laser scanner took only 10 minutes per robot cell. That way, the scanning was performed without disturbing effects.

PointCab was being used to automatically create layouts that could be used the next day by the company’s engineers. One of the biggest advantages of using PointCab Layout is its compatibility. Unlike the use of point clouds, layouts can be directly imported into the client’s CAD systems. That way, all layouts were imported into Solidworks and Inventor; afterwards, they were being analyzed and used. In most cases different planners, with different backgrounds, are necessary when complex projects are to be undertaken. PointCab allows easy sharing of relevant planning information with all partners participating in the project—at no additional cost.


  • quick surveying of robot cells
  • basis for replacing robot tools in the scope of process optimization
  • highly accurate dimensioning
  • clearly structured representation
  • fast passing on of results to stakeholders


Why PointCab?

  • fully automated creation of layouts allows almost immediate use of the plans
  • impressive, dimensionally accurate, and detailed representations of scans
  • compatibility to familiar CAD system Solidworks
  • customer can use the information immediately (due to WebExport function)



By using PointCab, our customers can immediately use their laser scanning results with Inventor.

Engineeringunternehmen Kvejborg