Company: Digital Surveys (architecture)

For modernisation and reconstruction of Skegness Academy, a high school located in Lincolnshire on England’s west coast, an accurate as-built model was necessary as a basis for all planning purposes.

For creating a highly accurate survey of the school, the FARO Photon 120 laser scanner with a max. scanning rate of 990,000 points per second was applied. With the use of reference points the single scans were finally combined. Then, a dimensionally accurate point cloud was created from the scans to provide a highly accurate 3D model of the site.

In the project, PointCab was used for creating views, sections, and dimensionally accurate representations. That being the case, various views of the high school were being created and used in Autodesk Revit. A complete 3D model was created by simply clicking a button.


  • scanning with laser scanner FARO Photon 120
  • result: 230 scans (images of the whole site and the inner building)
  • import of views in Autodesk Revit
  • a highly accurate 3D model of the building was created

Why PointCab?

  • fully automated generation of views and sections
  • precise, dimensioned images
  • further processing of scan data in CAD systems possible without plugins
  • perfect basis for modelling, visualisation, analysis, and simulation

PointCab reduces the huge amounts of data to the essential and pares the analysis and interpretation of data down to the minimum.

Laserscanning-Europe, Eric