Company: Universität Siegen (architecture)

The Interdisciplinary Competence Centre (Interdisziplinäres Kompetenzzentrum Altbau (InKA)) of the university of Siegen accomplished the registration of the whole geometry of a factory of an industrial firm by means of laser scanning. The factory covers an area – including buildings and other elements – of about 10,000 square metres. All supply pipes and disposal lines had also to be documented which resulted in a great amount of laser scans.

The goal of the scanning was to create a 3D model of the factory in the CAD system ArchiCAD. As the foundation for this modeling, sections were created through the entire point cloud.


  • area: ca. 10.000 square metres
  • laser scanner: FARO Photon 80
  • result: 80 scans with a total size of about 7 GB
  • goal: modelling in ArchiCAD

Why PointCab?

  • definition of section views at any places desired -> result: dimensionally accurate pixel image having an accuracy of 2 mm per pixel
  • reduction of the amount of data to a level acceptable to CAD systems
  • data exchange formats are supported by almost all CAD programs available on the market
  • division of the cross section through the point cloud into several “tiles” -> amount of data can be adjusted depending on the ability of the software



The plans in PointCab can easily be processed in ArchiCAD without additional software.

Universität Siegen