Company: Faschang Service & Management GmbH (3D laser scanning)

The goal of a project of Faschang Service & Management GmbH was the creation of fire control plans and as-built drawings for 12.000m² of occupied area. The area to be surveyed includes a hotel, a city theater as well as office and living areas.

In order to document the large area in a short time, a laser scanner FARO Focus3D was used. The application of 3D laser scanning technology proved to be an advantage. Only two employees of Faschang Service & Management GmbH captured the whole area digitally within 45 hours.

The registered scanning results, the point clouds, have been analyzed by using the software PointCab. For that purpose, various floor plans, site plans and sectional views have been generated fully automatically. Based on the highly accurate and scaled ortho photos, the required as-built drawings and fire control plans have been created in AutoCAD 2013. Due to the existing point cloud, façade plans could be generated quickly and easily for the planning of an annex at a later date.


  • survey: 12.000m² with FARO Focus3D (2 employees)
  • time of survey: 45 hours
  • goal: creation of as-built drawings and fire control plans

Why PointCab?

  • merging of the point clouds to a global point cloud
  • rapid data processing
  • creation of ortho photos
  • easy and intuitive handling
  • data output format dxf can be loaded in all common CAD systems

Perfect software solution for the efficient creation of ortho photos and as-built drawings.

Faschang Service & Management GmbH