Company: Bury Associates Limited (3D surveying & BIM)

The British company Bury Associates Ltd based in Worcester was commissioned to survey Dunelm House, the main Students’ Union Building at Durham University (UK). Since the roof leaks enormously, the Dunelm House needs to be repaired soon. Thus, the Durham University decided in favor of a refurbishment.

In order to create a highly accurate 3D model and numerous plans in Revit, the building and the surroundings were scanned by means of two scanners FARO Focus3D. By using robotic total stations and GPS, the team could capture topographical information, too.

Since the Dunelm House is built into the bank of the river Wear and since the roof is characterized by an extraordinary shape, very complicated geometries had to be captured. Thus, 3D laser scanning represented an excellent method for surveying the building in detail. The measurement method provided very accurate data within a short time.

Within a couple of days, numerous images could be extracted from the scanning data (point cloud) in PointCab. These images were used to create plans, elevations, sections and BIM in Revit as well as to create 2D drawings in AutoCAD.


  • two laser scanners FARO Focus3D were used for surveying
  • scan building inside (approx. 5500 m² of floor) and outside as well as surrounding landscape
  • overall 280 scans were created
  • time for scanning: 4 days
  • create Revit model, detailed plans, elevations and sectional views
  • aim of the project: Building Information Modeling in Revi

Why PointCab?

  • PointCab results can be imported in Autodesk Revit
  • PointCab images are the perfect basis for creating plans, sectional views, 3D BIM, 2D plans etc.
  • Fast extraction of images from the point cloud -> only a couple of days required
  • Fast provision of information to the customer

We always find that PointCab is the quickest way of extracting plan and section information from point cloud data.

Bury Associates Limited