The new PointCab release 3.4 is available now. Once again, we could implement practical functions and further import and export formats in PointCab. You can find an overview of all changes here.

Update for free: If you already have a service & support contract, you can update to the new version for free. Or you conclude a support contract with your local Dealer or in the Shop now.

Point cloud export or height points straight to AutoDesk RCP

During point cloud export, you can choose between the point cloud export of a specific area, the height points (new) and a homogeneous thinning with an extremely efficient and fast octree filter now.

This way, just the required scan points are imported into your CAD system. This feature accelerates operating speed enormously.

You can output the RCP file directly for AutoCAD – without the detour via ReCap – and open it in AutoCAD.


Part of PointCab 3DPro.

Layout & Sections module

In order to analyze the overlapping of scans, you can create the visual display by means of index-based colors of the scans. This allows you to display the areas of the individual scans in color and distinguish them.

Moreover, we have merged the functions Layout & Section for further simplification.

Part of PointCab Suite.

Transformation calculator with unknown scale

Now, the transformation calculator allows you to define the transformation between two point clouds. The attribution of corresponding points is very easy due to an automatic constellation search. It has been enhanced in respect of different scales of point clouds. As a consequence, you can transform point clouds, which have been generated based on image data with unknown scale, quickly, easily and reliably into a known reference point coordinate system.

Part of PointCab Suite.

programmicon_archicad_4bimmARCHICAD connection with 4BIMm

With 4BIMm, you can easily and efficiently create building models based on point clouds in ARCHICAD. ARCHICAD is started with the BIMmTool Add-on and PointCab parallel, optimally on 2 monitors. Measurements of 3D points are performed directly by the ARCHICAD plug-in.
Now, the 3D points can be measured directly in the planar view of a scan. Simply open the Advanced Importer for that purpose and open the scan by double-clicking on the preview.

Part of PointCab 3DPro.



PointCab and Graphisoft ARCHICAD

With our solution PointCab4BIMm we efficiently support easy to use 3D modeling in ARCHICAD from point cloud data.

Combing PointCab´s powerful and ease of use processing speed in large and small projects as well as the also very smart modeling capabilities in ARCHICAD for creating complex 3D models creates a helpful tool for you to introduce and add BIM models to your business from your existing inventory data.

With our solution we save valuable time by eliminating the time consuming import, navigation and measuring within point cloud data in ARCHICAD. This gives you the opportunity fully concentrate on creating your 3D ARCHICAD model.

PointCab-to-ARCHICAD step-by-step instruction

(without PointCab4BIMm plugin)

Tutorial videos

Tutorialvideo 1: Specify story levels in ARCHICAD according to point cloud data

Tutorialvideo 2: Three Methods of creating walls precisely and effectively according to the point cloud

Tutorialvideo 3: Measuring windows and doors directly in the point cloud

Tutorialvideo 4: Creating and detailing floor structure, ceilings or very generally slabs

Tutorialvideo 5: Measure in columns and beams directly from a point cloud

Tutorialvideo 6: Positioning any objects very easily and precisely

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