We get asked a lot if it is possible to use PointCab results in BricsCAD. The answer clearly is YES. We have prepared two videos to show you how to easily import PointCab Layouts and Sections and also 3D-Meshes (digital 3D terrain models) into BricsCAD. See how the pointcab Tools work and start using laser scanning data and point clouds in BricsCAD. If you have questions please feel free to contact us under at: Here you can get to the PointCab modules and Tutorials.

Layouts and Sections in BricsCAD

3D-Meshes in BricsCAD


PointCab and Bricsys BricsCAD

You achieve an effective workflow when you preprocess your desired results in PointCab.

[1] – [2] With PointCab, you create true-to-deformation plans, layouts, sections, views, meshes, DTMs, vector drawings and other more easily and quickly as in your CAD system. Then, you can use the results in your CAD system thanks to the universal DWG format.

[3] Due to PointCab, you can easily and quickly work with Allplan, even with huge point clouds. By generating plans and sectional views as ortho photos, you transfer only the information that is relevant for modeling.

[4] With PointCab, you can “adjust” your point cloud for Allplan. You can just extract the desired areas of the point cloud or single 3D points and reduce data volume extremely while maintaining the desired accuracy.

Tutorial videos

Import of plans and sections in BricsCAD

Import of meshes in BricsCAD

Tutorial units

Import Layouts and Sections into BricsCAD

Import PointCab Layouts and Sections in BricsCAD

You can import any PointCab Layout and Section into BricsCAD or attach it to existing files via the XREF command.

Video Tutorial showing the Import of PointCab Layouts and Sections into BricsCAD

Import Meshes into BricsCAD

Import PointCab Meshes into BricsCAD

This tutorial shows how you can import PointCab mesh files created out of a point cloud into BricsCAD.
1. Import via drag and drop

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