Plangrid iPad App

The question constantly arises: How can I share layouts, sections and project views of my laser scanning project with my customers? And how can I work collaboratively with all stakeholders on these views? As an interesting solution for that purpose, the company Plangrid offers a combination of online service and IOS app for iPad or iPad mini.

Plangrid iPad App Layout

The basic idea is to upload a plan in PDF format in Plangrid’s online service. This step is often carried out in the office of the corresponding planning office. Once, the PDF has been deposited on the safe online servers, the user can invite all involved colleagues (via the mail addresses) to the corresponding project. If they have an iPad, they can straightly access the project and open the plans by using the free app Plangrid. The app provides the following opportunities for the user on site:

  • define dimensions
  • insert markings
  • take photos for documentation straight on site
  • add annotations
  • and much more

In the end, the workers on site can straightly work with the plans, add photos, notes and further information or easily check dimensions. The highlight is that the office staff gets each addition immediately and, thus, is up to date. Ergo: A perfect workflow for cooperation between the planning office and the single employees on site.

Plangrid iPad App Panorama

By using our tools Layout, Section and WebExport, you can create a PDF plan from your point cloud from now on and use it in Plangrid. Document your object once via 3D laser scanning, create the required layouts, sections and panoramas with PointCab and work collaboratively on your project via Plangrid.


Virtual panoramas

The function Panorama allows you to create views from any desired point of your project and make them available for any recipient.

You are not solely dependent on the scanner panoramas from the position of your terrestrial scanner to get a panoramic view. The position, which is freely selectable in plane and height, allows you to get very vivid representations. Moreover, you can modify the resolution or color mode to increase the clearness additionally.

You can share the results using a PDF file or our WebExport for any computer platform, network or tablet PC. For that purpose, the recipient doesn’t need either the entire project data or a PointCab license or a high-performance computer. He doesn’t need a 3D viewer and he doesn’t have to master it.

Tutorial video

00:35 Create any panoramic views in a project
02:30 Create any number of panoramas and adjust settings
03:15 Pass to any platform, e.g. iPad – see WebExport

Interactive Demo

This is how your generated panoramas look like in the interactive PointCab documentation (WebExport).

Drag over the images with the mouse (pressed mouse button) or use the blue buttons:

Virtual panoramas

You can use the Panorama tool to open scans of terrestrial scanners as planar view or bubble view and perform measurements.

The integrated function for the creation of virtual panorama views in combination with the WebExport also enables impressive documentation of point clouds from mobile scanners.

In forensics, you can use this to check the statements made by witnesses regarding the visibility of a progression of events.

The Virtual Panoramas function is integrated in the Sketch module.

You will learn how it works in our step-by-step instructions.


Pre-scaled plans

The created plans are scaled and have an attached coordinate file. This enables you to file away the plans without losing the context in relation to the object.

This is how your generated panoramas look like in the interactive PointCab documentation (WebExport).

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