Rasterized elevation maps to check flatness or compare differences from point cloud data are determined in a few minutes.

An informative PDF log serves as cogent verification, for example verification of the execution of construction work for ground surfaces or façades with regard to tolerance and deformation.

It is also an ideal auxiliary resource as basis for the analysis of possible flooding scenarios.

The Delta module is part of the module Layout & Section.

You will learn how it works in our step-by-step instructions.


Detect deviations easily

With PointCab Delta Module, you can easily detect, visualize and record deviations straight from your point cloud. You find easy and short tutorials in PointCab Delta tutorials.

  1. Activate Delta tool
  2. Define Delta area
  3. Process Delta job


Plans – Also for the CAD system

With PointCab Delta, you can define reference planes in your point cloud. That’s the basis for making difference comparisons. As results, you get ortho photos with all point cloud information in DWG or DXF format that you can easily use in your CAD solution.

Thus, the analysis of repeated measurements is no problem anymore.

Reports – For the final documentation

Each PointCab Delta result is protocolled in a PDF document. There, you find a scaled, colored figure of the result as well as a distribution analysis of the deviations.

Possible use cases

Facade variations

Floor unevenness

Deformation of the ceiling



Road gradient

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