The alignment of a point cloud after registration is one of the most important steps in point cloud analysis. Especially planners and draftsmen can work only with axially parallel or aligned laser scanning data sets.

In our tutorial, we show you how to shift the point cloud in X and Y direction.

Today, we want to show briefly how you can shift your point cloud to a fixed height. In this particular case, we shift the upper edge of the finished floor to a height of zero meters. Then, we import the project with its 3 standard views as usual and activate the Align tool.

Punktwolke ausrichten

Now, we switch to the tabbed view by pressing F3 button and select the front view. Here you position your coordinate cross and enter specific target coordinates optionally.

apply Align point cloud project

Finally, you only have to click “Apply to scn data”; thus, your project is shifted and the views are updated consequently.

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