Our target-based registration is a manufacturer-independent solution for registration of terrestrial laser scanner data.

Thanks to the carefully thought-out operation as well as quick and reliable finding and assignment of checkerboard targets and reference spheres, even non-experts can use a tool that allows reliable registration of terrestrial laser scanning data.

If you work in smaller projects without targets or if a target is missing once, you can still register as easily due to natural corresponding points.

We have already verified projects containing two to 1000 scans. Further mega-projects are in progress.

To obtain the best result, our optimal adjustment tool incorporates all scans and features at the same time. Of course, you get a detailed PDF report.

Target-based registration is the be-all and end-all for everyone who needs to provide evidence of accuracy.

With the PointCab FARO Scene App Import Registration you are able to apply the registration to FARO Scene.