Version conflict FARO Scene 5.2

Dear PointCab’ber,

for those who do not yet work with the current version of Scene 5.2 , and have edited your project in PointCab 3.0 (R12 ) , will experinese that the FARO project can not be opened in the old Scene version .

The following error message appears:

Error Code FARO Scene

Error Code FARO SceneS

We are already working with the current interface of FARO Scene 5.2 (the FARO SDK) and this interface will overwrite the existing project to a FARO Scene 5.2 project.

This problem is already known at the FARO development department and we will adjust it with the next update of the FARO SDK.

However, you can avoid overwriting your FARO Project without update to FARO Scene 5.2 with a small detour .


Before you use your point cloud data in PointCab simply create a local workspace of the project in Scene:

create local workspace

create local workspace

With this function FARO Scene creates another file, that can be used to import the scan project in PointCab as an alternative to LSPROJ-file.

Folder structure of the FARO Scene Project folder

Folder structure of the FARO Scene Project folder

Please do not use the FWS-file to edit your project in Faro Scene – use the LSPROJ- file as usual.

If you already have incompatible data:

If it is already to late you can use the trial version of FARO Scene 5.2 to finish your project. You can find the free trial version of FARO Scene here.

Once the new FARO SDK is there, we will immediately inform you.

Thank you and best regards.

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